Concert Band


Concert Band is open to all 9th -12th grade band musicians who play or are working on a primary or secondary instrument. This class is a prerequisite for Symphonic Band.


2022-2023 Concert Band Syllabus

Course Description:

Prerequisite: Open to all students with previous music experience on a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument or students developing a second instrument.

The focus of this class is to develop instrumental techniques, using a wide spectrum of wind band literature. The class will include elements of music theory, historical and cultural context, and connections to other disciplines.

Course Objectives (Students will be able to):

  • Demonstrate technical skills on their instrument.
  • Identify, define, and perform expressive qualities on their instrument.
  • Perform appropriate technical skills and expressive qualities on their instrument based on style, genre, and context.
  • Develop, apply, and refine effective individual practice and group rehearsal strategies.
  • Develop and apply criteria for self and group assessment of performances.
  • Define criteria used to select appropriate music for the ensemble.

Instrumental Music Program Mission Statement:

The San Ramon Valley High School Instrumental Music Program strives to provide a comprehensive and enriching experience for all students. We meet the individual needs of each student by maintaining a curriculum that is rigorous, standards-based, diverse, and equitable. Our ensembles make positive contributions to social-emotional health, honor individual identity as assets to the group, as well as maintain an inclusive environment and supportive community.

For the full Syllabus, please see the following link: Concert Band Syllabus